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According to the Energy Saving Trust, 18% of heat is lost through windows in an uninsulated house*. One of the best ways to reduce this heat loss is to install thermal curtains. They are a cost-effective way of saving energy and reducing your heating bills.

The Eco Experts say high-quality thermal curtains can cut the average three-bedroom home’s heating bill by £327 per year.**

They are thicker than normal curtains and made up of several layers of fabric, which helps to reduce draughts entering a room through gaps around the windows.

A high-quality set of thermal curtains cost around £90-£100 on average, but they can be found for £50-60 at certain outlets. Shopping around is a good idea.

Though it can seem like a lot of money at the time, you only have to buy them once. So the cost savings each year soon add up, and the investment pays for itself in the long run.

You can also add thermal lining to your existing curtains to reduce heat loss through windows. There are plenty of handy guides online that explain how to install detachable linings, and it is easier than you might think (you won’t need a sewing machine!).

So whether you’re looking to buy new curtains, or want to make your home warmer and more energy efficient, consider thermal curtains and linings as a simple option with plenty of benefits.

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Reduce heat loss through windows

Our Green Doctors have identified helpful impartial advice on what can really make a difference in reducing bills and saving energy.

Download our supporting home resources – our action plan, our meal and shopping planners, and our stickers – to help you make changes which stick.

Other ways to reduce heat loss through windows

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Reduce heat loss through windows
For some, upgrading the windows in the house to double glazing can be a worthwhile investment. A cheaper option can be to fit draught-proofing around the windows.
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Reduce heat loss through windows
The Energy Saving Trust say that installing A++ rated double glazing in single glazed home could save around £170 a year (A-rated double glazing could save around £155).**
illustration shows draught strips being added to window edges
Reduce heat loss through windows
Fitting draught proofing around all the windows and doors in a typical home can save around £40 in energy bills each year.

Make a plan. Stay warm. Save energy.

  • Be sure to close thermal curtains when it gets dark to minimise heat loss through your windows. Set an alarm if it helps to remind you!

*The Eco Experts (https://www.theecoexperts.co.uk/blog/prepare-for-the-price-cap-rise)

**Savings based on a typical three-bedroom semi-detached gas heated house, with an 88% efficient gas boiler and average gas tariff of 6.9p/kWh and electricity tariff of 27.4p/kWh. Emission savings include all scopes and greenhouse gases expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent. Correct as of October 2023.

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Reduce heat loss through windows