We are excited to share that we are a listed charity for the incredible Ultra Challenge, a company that specialises in organising and running challenge events across the UK. There are so many events throughout the year that you can take part in to raise money for Groundwork. We are promoting the two above as our primary treks this year and we would love you to join the team! If neither of these are quite right, you can take part in any Ultra Challenge event on behalf of Groundwork so take your pick.

Peak District Challenge

When: Saturday 6th July 2024
Where: Peak District
Distance: 25/50/75/100km

Thames Bridges Trek

When: Saturday 14th September 2024
Where: London
Distance: 25km

How does it work?

Assembling your team

This year’s treks are the perfect way to come together, build friendships and work as a team. Whether you participate with colleagues, friends or family, it’s a fantastic event that enables you to raise money and take on a personal challenge in one.

Don’t have a team? That’s ok too! You can register as an individual and take on an awesome solo challenge.

Registering your interest

Not only will you receive support and guidance from Ultra Challenge, Groundwork will be there for you every step of the way. To ensure we can provide the best support possible, please let us know that you are interested in participating prior to registering for your place with Ultra Challenge. (if you have already registered with Ultra Challenge don’t panic! Just fill in our registration form with your details anyway.)

Costs & fundraising

One of the great things about Ultra Challenge is that they offer multiple options for paying for your registration and setting fundraising goals. The exact costs will vary for each event so make sure to check the event page for details. If you can ‘Own place fundraise’ this is amazing as this means everything you can fundraise goes straight to funding our work, however we understand that this is not an option for everyone. Please do not feel pressured to choose an option that is outside of your means.

Own place fundraising

Pay for your place and fundraise whatever you can for us (with no cost to us). This option has a higher up-front payment and a lower fundraising goal.

e.g. 25km trek: £89 reg fee & no minimum fundraising goal.

Mixed funding

Pay for half of your place and fundraise for us (who will pay for half of your place). This option has a medium up-front payment and fundraising goal.

e.g. 25km trek: £50 reg fee & £150 minimum fundraising goal.

Full Sponsorship

Pay only a small registration fee and fundraise for us (who will pay for your place). This option has a low up-front payment and a higher fundraising goal.

e.g. 25km trek: £20 reg fee & £240 minimum fundraising goal.

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