Like so many communities, people in the Dean Road area of Ferryhill have come to rely on local green spaces during the pandemic for relaxation and relief from stress. But there’s one big problem – the nearest area of green space has been plagued by flytipping and people joyriding cars and motorbikes. And they need your help to solve it.

At Groundwork we want to help get this sorted out by preventing vehicle access and creating a new community garden that will bring nature into the town. The idea is to create a space where kids can play and adults can socialise and relax and get all the mental health benefits that being in nature can provide. There are plans for an orchard, a wildflower meadow and a natural play space. It’s about bringing the community together after the pandemic, reducing the isolation that so many have felt – and it will be a great spot for events when restrictions allow. 





It’s anticipated that moving out of the pandemic, there will be a mental health crisis. This project will focus on the one area that people have missed during the pandemic, social connections, and also help people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Groundwork Community Project Manager


Local residents who volunteer and help develop the garden will also get a boost to their CV from training opportunities. And as the project develops there will be  a whole range of activities for families on the site to get people involved.

£2991 will fund half of the project costs and we’re confident that we can double that through other sources if we meet this target! 

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