People living with dementia and their carers have had a really tough time over the past year, often isolated from families and unable to take part in much-needed groups for support and therapy. That’s why we want to do something positive this summer, doubling our green activity sessions for six months for people with memory problems and creating a new dementia-support community garden along the way! 

Green Links Tees on an allotmentGroundwork’s Green Links in Tees Valley initiative brings people with memory problems (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) and their carers together to take part in gardening and nature activities. We have two groups – one for older people with memory problems and another for those with early-onset dementia. It’s been really successful with 80% of people involved saying they felt less lonely and 89% more confident after taking part. It’s been especially good news for carers, who get a bit of time off caring and also get to meet other carers, expanding their support network. 




We enjoy coming, it’s a really nice group of people and we get a real sense of achievement seeing everything grow

Carer for a Group Member


Before the pandemic took place, our group was excited about transforming an abandoned patch of land next to a Hartlepool care home into an allotment and community garden dedicated for people with dementia and memory problems, including a sensory garden and wildflower meadow. It’s all been put on hold until now, and with extra funding we can catch up, by doubling our sessions and getting more people involved from across the area. 

We can’t stress enough how valued these activities are by the people who access them. Social isolation makes memory problems worse and affects the health of carers too. Just a few thousand pounds will make so much difference this summer and leave a legacy behind of a dedicated space for groups to enjoy for years to come. 


It helps to create a balance for my wife and I, and it gives her the chance to do her own thing.

Group Member



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