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River Tees Rediscovered

The River Tees Rediscovered project recognises and celebrates the river’s natural and social heritage while also protecting, preserving and enhancing its unique landscape and driving schemes to allow wider access and enjoyment.

Your river on your doorstep.
River Tees Rediscovered will give everyone a chance to explore and celebrate the River Tees, from Piercebridge to Teesmouth.
Through a series of community projects and activities we want to tell the amazing story of the river and its landscapes, and make it easier for everyone to enjoy the river and uncover its rich heritage.

Our vision is to reconnect the people of the Tees with their river through telling the engaging story of the River Tees as a natural feature that has moulded the physical and cultural development of the landscape and communities through which it runs.

The River Tees Rediscovered partnership aims to reconnect people with the fascinating heritage of the river – from the agricultural / pre-industrial period through to the major changes of the Industrial Revolution and the chemical industries of the twentieth century.
Through learning from the past, the partnership will:
 •Forge a stronger connection between people and the river
 •Strengthen communities
 •Help people develop new skills
 •Enhance the river environment for people to enjoy today and in the future.

Visit the River Tees Rediscovered website for more information.