It is a stark reality that global environmental challenges impact first and worst on those people and communities that have least. It is also true that addressing these challenges successfully will require people everywhere to learn to live differently. We help people and organisations to make choices and changes that deliver practical benefits now and sow the seeds of a more sustainable future.

Thinking differently about the way we use finite natural resources helps people lead better, healthier and more comfortable lives, provides opportunities for people to volunteer and work together in their communities to get things done, improves local facilities and creates jobs.

Greener Living and Working: Our impact

In 2019 we...

Prevented5,900tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions

tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions

Prevented1,400tonnes of waste

tonnes of waste



Energy saving experts

We employ teams of Green Doctors across the country who are skilled in helping people understand how to cut their fuel and water bills and make sure they are getting all the support and assistance they need. We want to make sure people have the information and motivation to lead healthier, greener lives and get the most benefit out of schemes offered by the government and utilities companies. Working with councils, housing associations and business partners, our focus is on ensuring that the most vulnerable in our communities are better able to cope.

This approach extends to the workplace as well as the home and our specialist sustainability advisers support thousands of businesses and organisations each year to reduce waste, cut bills and play a more active and responsible role in the community.

Our work ranges from helping children become energy champions in the classroom to working with community groups to plan and design renewable energy projects. Our approach is always to help people understand the positive, practical steps they can take to look after the environment on their doorstep while playing their part in safeguarding nature and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change for vulnerable people in other parts of the world and for future generations.