This report looks at the role town centres play in regenerating urban areas and helping communities towards a green recovery. It explores ways that town centres can contribute to our social and environmental wellbeing in the future through:

  • connecting people with nature;
  • community hubs;
  • cultural spaces;
  • sustainability centres;
  • and high street communities.

Published May 2021.

It also profiles some of the ways that Groundwork Trusts are leading the way by using town centre spaces in innovative ways.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things, some of them temporarily, some of them for good. How our town and city centres function and are financed is one of them. It will be some time before we fully understand the long-term impact on retail and office accommodation, but some of the trends that were evident before the pandemic have been accelerated and look like becoming part of ‘the new normal’.

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