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As part of the Greener City Fund, the Mayor of London has committed £5 million to help Londoners plant trees and make our city greener. Grants of £5,000 to £50,000 are available to support two strands of projects: Community Tree Planting and Community Green Space improvements.

Community Green Space Grants

The Community Green Space Grants aim to improve and increase green space across London. They will give community groups and local people the chance to design and create new spaces by providing grants, advice and support.

Examples of potential projects are:

  • creating a community garden
  • greening playgrounds or routes to school
  • green sustainable drainage system features such as rain gardens and bio-retention basins
  • natural play space for children
  • projects that create connections between areas or green and enhance active travel routes
  • projects that improve an area for wildlife.

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Community Tree Planting Grants

The Community Tree Planting Grants form part of the Mayor’s ambitions to plant more trees in London. These grants will support local community groups to plant trees and help improve children’s access to nature.

Examples of potential projects are:

  • community events to plant trees in green spaces
  • planting new orchards on housing estates
  • creating small woodland areas or hedges in parks and green spaces
  • starting a community tree nursery to grow trees for an area
  • restoring or creating features such as avenues in green spaces
  • barrier hedge planting by established play spaces to reduce noise and/or pollution.

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School Air Quality Greening

If you’re a school considering how to improve air quality for your pupils with green infrastructure, read our guide on the most effective and affordable solutions for schools to combat air pollution.

Air Quality Toolkit for Schools


If you have any questions about the grants, please email greenercity@london.gov.uk or call Ian Mairs on 020 7239 1286.

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