At Groundwork, we firmly believe in fostering a flourishing community through accessible funding opportunities. Our focus spans crucial areas such as the revitalization of green spaces, advancements in health and education, and the promotion of social integration.

You can explore the wide range of London-based grants available in the Live and Upcoming categories below. Our experienced grants team provide application guidance, advice and delivery support across all of the grants below.

Live funding opportunities

Throughout the year, we have a selection of grants open for applications. Each grant focuses on a key geographical or developmental area, depending on the funding source and priorities of the funders and partners. Our grants are reviewed and updated periodically. Sign up for the general grants updates newsletter above to receive the latest news and updates.

Upcoming funding opportunities

Applications for the grants below will open soon. Sign up for the general grants updates newsletter above to receive the latest news and updates.

  • Our Space Award

    Funds projects that help Londoners clean and green London through active community engagement and participation, increasing a sense of community ownership over shared spaces.

  • Walking and Cycling Grants London

    The grant funds projects that allow all communities across London to enjoy the benefits of walking and cycling.

Grants in delivery

  • Hong Kong Empowerment Fund

    Please note the Hong Kong Empowerment Fund 2024 is now closed for applications, and we are currently in the assessment stage. If you have applied…

  • Rewild London Fund

    Supports land managers and organisations to deliver the London Environment Strategy priority habitat targets, by improving and enhancing London’s SINCs.

  • Shared Endeavour Fund

    Funded by MOPAC, the grant supports initiatives that challenge racism, intolerance, hate, extremism and terrorism, offline and online, in London.

To find out more about previous grants we have delivered, click here