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What we do and why:

We help adults and young people across London prepare for and find work. We develop employment support and training programmes alongside a range of partners, including housing associations, large employers, schools and colleges. We also run major training and employment programmes on behalf of local and national governments.

We offer one-to-one advice on training and employment options, and provide skills training and supported work placements. We specialise in providing training and employment opportunities in the ‘green economy’, and run a number of workshops that offer training placements in reuse, recycling and refurbishment of furniture, white goods and bikes.

We build strong relationships with employers and know what skills candidates require, and how we can best support them to succeed. Importantly, we also continue to offer personal support to job starters. This helps them settle into their new role successfully, and with this ongoing support, we know employees are more likely to remain in their jobs and go on to thrive.

We also have a strong track record of working with both adults and young people who may need additional support due to challenges including long term health conditions and disabilities. We also specialise in working with people whose circumstances may present them with certain barriers to getting into training and employment, such as being care leavers, refugees or people who have had experience of the justice system.

“I was working in Retail in Sheperds Bush. I didn’t enjoy being indoors all day with no natural light. One week after applying for a role, I joined the Green Team. The process went really quick and allowed me to leave Universal credit after three weeks only.”

Aziz Moses, Green Team Work Placement

Why partner with us:


People Supported

  • We are people-centric – we provide a safe, friendly and supportive experience to everyone we meet, at every stage of their journey into training or work.
  • We have a diverse and experienced team – our employment team has lived experience of a wide range of challenges and personal circumstances. This empathy and understanding helps us to design and deliver targeted programmes that meet the varied needs of those we support.
  • We create jobs – we provide paid, supported work experience and create long term jobs within many of our projects at Groundwork. From customer service roles in our sustainable retail stores to our Green Team horticulture trainees working on our award winning landscape projects.
  • We have long-standing, close relationships with many employers – this allows us to find vacancies that are suited to a diverse range of candidates, and to match candidates to roles that will work for them.

Get in touch:

For programme development enquires in London and the South of England please contact Graham Parry, Director Youth, Employment & Skills.

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