From Isolation To Standing Ovation

Billy taking part in the community project

Before starting the Wigan Team Programme, 22 year old Billy from Astley in Manchester was low on confidence and self esteem. As a result of this, he was becoming increasingly isolated and was referred to Groundwork by IPES (Intensive, Personalised Employment Support).

A turning point

Billy was so hesitant about being in a room with other people that he wouldn’t speak to anyone and was reluctant to get involved in any group work. Things began to change during the Community Project and Supporting Others units of the programme and he began to flourish. Working outdoors at the allotment allowed Billy to feel valued as a member of a team and he found working with others towards a common goal to be really rewarding. He soon started taking on responsibility for tasks and formed friendships with his peers.

Groundwork and the Team Programme helped me to get out of my bubble, be more outgoing and stop overthinking.

Huge progress

By the final week of the programme Billy had become the main contributor to work activities. An indication of the huge progress he had made came on the day of the final presentation. This once shy and withdrawn young man stood before an audience and gave an amazing speech about how the Team Programme had transformed his life.

Knowing that the mentors cared about me and were willing me on to progress really helped to build my confidence.

During the programme, Billy completed a work placement at the HSP Charity Shop and he continues to volunteer there. One of the key objectives of the Team Programme is to help people to become the person they want to be. Billy is now taking positive steps towards achieving this.

Completing the course has helped me build up my CV and given me a better chance of getting a job.

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Billy with Team members
Billy getting stuck in on community project with wheelbarrow