Last year, Flynn joined the Food Wave project in the hope of finding other like-minded people and expanding his experience in community projects:

“As well as sharing my enthusiasm for vegetarian and plant-based cooking, the Food Wave project, due to its community focus, seemed like a worthwhile and rewarding project to be involved in”

So far, Flynn has taken part in street actions, such as Pop Up Cafes, as well as Instagram Lives and running a food preparation session.

“One of the main things I’ve learnt is how improve my communication and teamwork skills. I’ve also really enjoyed being involved in a project that seeks to bring people together and being given the chance to express some of my culinary ideas”

Although Flynn had already been vegetarian for almost 4 years, joining the project made him more conscious of how our choices affect our impact on the planet.

“I have become more conscious of the wider environmental impact food can have. Though, since joining food wave I would say this awareness has translated even more to my everyday life. I now try to be conscious of what I buy, and of food waste”

As part of Food Wave, volunteers are encouraged to become activists and spread messages about living and eating sustainably. Flynn told us the one piece of advice he’d give to people who want to positively change their relationship with food:

“I would ask people to take more ownership and responsibility for their diets. Learn more recipes, don’t be frightened or intimidated by the kitchen, educate yourself and others”