A lifelong passion for the environment inspired Tamanna to join Groundwork Youth as a way to help her make a positive difference. In August 2018 she put this into action with co-host Asini and organised an event to inspire others to take action on the environment, as part of Groundwork’s Inclusive Spaces campaign.

Designed by young people, for young people it was a vibrant mix of presentations, live music, politics, fashion and practical sessions on gardening and upcycling.

The event was held at Roof East in East London, a community space converted from the top floor of a multi-storey carpark. The vibrant setting, eclectic mix of activities and excellent music provided by musicians from Groundwork’s Peckham Studios youth project engaged the audience with important topics in an accessible and fun way.

Tamanna believes that it is important that young people are given more opportunities to become involved in their local community, through initiatives like Groundwork Youth:

I think young people can bring a lot. A wealth of knowledge, skills, expertise and ideas you might not have.

Inclusive Spaces

The Inclusive Spaces campaign took place in July 2018 with a Week of Action from the 23rd-29th.

It aimed to connect our 100 Young Green Ambassadors with community groups across the UK and supported them to collaborate on local events, raising the profile of our local parks and green spaces and encouraging intergenerational community and environmental action.

Roof East

Roof East community garden LondonRoof East was created by Groundwork and local partners on the roof of a car park overlooking the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It is now a thriving bar, event space, open air cinema and a community space complete with cars that have been converted into planters.