Helping Colgate Tackle Plastic Waste

As part of their Change for Better campaign, we helped Colgate launch their biodegradable bamboo toothbrush with a beautiful pop-up oasis of sustainable bamboo.

Our landscape architects produced an original design which our Green Team erected in situ at Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo.

Images: original design by our in-house landscape architects, and the final bamboo oasis.

To ensure the bamboo oasis will live on and benefit the local community long term, the oasis and its components will be distributed among Groundwork London’s various community projects. This will include replanting in the rainforest zone at Iver Environment Centre, which is used for outdoor education with school children and adults with learning difficulties.

– Ben Coles, Director, Communities and Environmental Services at Groundwork London:

At Groundwork we believe that everyone, no matter what their background, should have access to green spaces. We’re really excited to collaborate with Colgate to create this bamboo oasis and hope that it will act as a reminder of the steps we can make for a better future for all.

Colgate has set an ambitious goal of using 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, so their employees were excited to join us for a day of sustainable volunteering.

– Freya Evison, Senior Brand Manager, Colgate-Palmolive Northern Europe:

We had such a great day. It’s been really inspiring to talk to the Groundwork London team about all the work they do. And the activities were really accessible and engaging for everyone, even though we have different levels of experience.

Together, we explored ways of promoting biodiversity and built bug hotels, bird boxes and planters for their own bamboo oasis from scratch.

Images: Employee Volunteers from Colgate-Palmolive at Groundwork London, October 2019

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