Groundwork is a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK.

We’re passionate about creating a future where every neighbourhood is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and no-one is held back by their background or circumstances.

There are two Groundwork projects in the North East: Groundwork North East & Cumbria, Groundwork South and North Tyneside.

Groundwork UK also delivers national programmes, partnerships and grants across the region.

© Tony Bartholomew  /  07802 400651 PICTURE SUPPLIED ON BEHALF OF GROUNDWORK FOR EDITORIAL USE. 29-03-2023 New artificial habitats including a living sea wall, rock pools and hanging fish shelters are being installed at Whitby Harbour on Wednesday 29 March as part of a pilot project to boost biodiversity and improve water quality in the River Esk.  The man-made marine habitats are being created as part of Beach ESK, a partnership project between the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Groundwork North East, supported by private local landowners, Scarborough Borough Council and Yorkshire Water. Seen here are Ethan Salter (left) and Harvey Smith who work as rescue technicians for Swiftwater Solutions

Groundwork North East & Cumbria

Groundwork North East & Cumbria works across the regions of North East and Cumbria.

Groundwork South & North Tyneside

Groundwork South & North Tyneside works across the areas of South and North Tyneside.

Groundwork UK

Groundwork UK works across the whole of the UK and are based centrally in Birmingham.