Update in light of COVID-19: Groundwork is in contact with funders in relation to making reasonable adjustments for applicants/grantees where possible in light of these unprecedented times. We will provide updates as we get them. If you have any queries please do get in touch with our team on LEAPaward@groundwork.org.uk. Please try to avoid contacting us by phone, given connectivity issues of home working.
What is LEAP and what is the LEAP Community Award?

Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) aims to improve the lives of children aged 0-3 years old and their families in the four wards of Coldharbour, Stockwell, Tulse Hill, and Vassall.

Groundwork London are working in partnership with LEAP to administer the LEAP Community Award.

The award aims to help improve young children’s diet and nutrition, social and emotional development, and communication and language through community run activities for children aged 0-3 years old and their families.

Awards will support a broad range of projects, from family veg growing in small outdoor spaces to joint birthday parties, performance sessions to art and craft programmes.

How much can I apply for?

Groups can apply for Community Awards of either:

  • £500
  • £1,000
  • £2,000

Awards are available for each of the four Lambeth LEAP wards of:

  • Stockwell
  • Vassall
  • Coldharbour
  • Tulse Hill

Who can apply?

Parents, community groups and community members can apply if their proposed activities meet the following criteria:

  • Are for families with children aged 0-3 that live in the LEAP wards of Stockwell, Vassall, Coldharbour and Tulse Hill. Please use this link to ensure your project delivery address is within one of the four Lambeth wards
  • Will contribute to improving the diet and nutrition, social and emotional development, or communication and language of LEAP children aged 0-3
  • Free for all participants
  • Will benefit at least ten LEAP children

All applications should include plans for how activities could be continued once the award money has been used.

We welcome applications from existing groups looking to strengthen their current activities or from new groups setting up new activities. We particularly welcome applications from parents and community members living in the LEAP area.

How to apply

We advise you to read our ‘LEAP Community Award Brochure’ prior to starting your application process. Which can be found here:

LEAP Brochure 2019

We strongly recommend completing the below enquiry and application forms on a computer or laptop as the forms are incompatible with smartphones and tablets. If you do not have access to a computer or laptop at home, please see below FAQs for a list of free to use computers in your area.

Enquiry Form

Enquiry Form Guidance

Step 1: Fill in an enquiry form.
Please note, once entering your details into the Enquiry Form you will be sent a link to your email. You must use this link in order to make any future updates to your application.

Step 2: Groundwork London will contact you to discuss your proposal and confirm next steps

Step 3: Depending on your application, you may be asked to take your completed enquiry form to a local LEAP Early Years forum in order to obtain advice on your idea from other local parents. Please see below for dates for all upcoming parent forums.

Step 4: After your discussion at the LEAP Early Years forum we will send through details of how to complete the full application form to you if appropriate. You can find guidance on the final stage application form below.
Please note, you will not be able to access the full application form, until after you have had a discussion with Groundwork London, or a parent rep.

LEAP Application Form

Step 5: The final stage will be to submit your application to the LEAP Community Awards panel. The panel will be made up of representatives from LEAP, Groundwork London, and local voluntary and community sector organisations. Panel meetings are held approximately once every 3 months, and we will be releasing the dates of those meetings.

If you have an idea for an application we will be running informal Applicant Workshops on the 11th December and 15th April from 10:00 – 13:00 at the Liz Atkinson Children’s centre. Feel free to just turn up!

Deadlines for Applying

The LEAP award is a one-year rolling programme which means there are no deadlines and you can apply at any time. Funding will be available until May 2020. The panel will meet once every quarter, please see dates below for the cut off which determines which panel your application will be reviewed in

  • 1st Round Cut Off Date – Now closed
  • 1st Round Panel Meeting – Now closed
  • 2nd Round Cut Off Date – Now closed
  • 2nd Round Panel Meeting – Now closed
  • 3rd Round Cut Off Date – Now closed
  • 3rd Round Panel Meeting -Now closed
  • 4th Round Cut Off Date – Now closed
  • 5th Round Cut Off Date: 4th May 2020
    We suggest you submit your Project Enquiry form by the middle of April, to allow us to review and comment in time for submission by 4th May 2020.

What will happen if your application is successful?

Groundwork London will contact you to offer support and guidance about getting your activities underway.

In the first instance, you will need to decide whether you need to set up a group bank account or might wish to work with a local accountable body who can help provide an account for your Award.

You will then be required to sign a Funding Agreement with Groundwork London setting out what you propose to do and when.

What will happen if your application is unsuccessful?

Groundwork London will be more than happy to discuss the reasons why your application was unsuccessful and to provide advice on how to strengthen your application for next time.

    • My project won’t take place in one of the 4 wards, but there will be participants coming from them, is this ok?
      No, projects must be delivered within one of the four wards of Stockwell, Vassall, Tulse Hill or Coldharbour.
    • When can my project start and when does it need to finish?
      We recommend you leave at least 4 weeks from the panel meeting (dates will be updated on the website) to start the project – this gives us time to review all the applications and transfer money to your account if you are successful; and give you plenty of time to prepare.
    • Can my project include older children as well as 0-3 year olds?
      Yes, as long as the primary target audience is 0-3 year olds.
    • When will I hear back?
      The LEAP panel will be meeting once every quarter and we aim to let groups know within 3 weeks of these meetings – we will be updating the website with dates as they are agreed.
    • Do I have to have done an Enquiry form in order to submit an Application?
      Yes, you cannot access the Application form until you have submitted an Enquiry Form and had a discussion with either Groundwork London or a member of the parents representatives.
    • How do I apply?
      You can find the link to apply via the website. You will need to create an account and follow the steps in order to complete your applications – please ensure you save regularly! Please note, the portal is not compatible with Chrome, but works well on Firefox or Internet Explorer.
    • Where can I find a free to use computer in my area?

The Community Trust @ Stockwell Park Community Centre – 21 Aytoun Place, Stockwell, London, SW9 0TE.
Bolney Meadow Community Centre – 31 Bolney Street, London, SW8 1EN.

Tulse Hill:
High Trees Community Development Trust @ St Martin’s Learning Centre – 220 Upper Tulse Hill, London, SW2 2NS.
West Norwood Library – 1-5 Norwood High Street, London, SE27 9JX.

Myatts Field Centre – 64 Crawshay Road, SW9 6FZ.

Brixton Tate Library – Brixton Oval, London, SW2 1JQ.
Coldharbour Library – William Barefoot Drive, Eltham, London, SE9 3AY.

For further information, please contact:



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