Last year environmental charity Groundwork London and Westminster City Council (WCC) carried out community engagement to inform the development of designs for improvements to the Old Pitch site on your estate, also known as the ‘Caged Area’, between Ramsey, Pettie and Wilkie. Thank you to everyone who let us know their thoughts and ideas.

Townshend Estate – Old Pitch Redevelopment

It was great to have your input and we hope that you can see many of your ideas in the design. We would like to get further feedback to make sure that the design responds to your priorities.

What you told us:

Overall, there was a clear desire to see this area improved. You also said that if we improve the area you are more likely to use it.

You told us that you would like to see:

  • A space that offers something for everyone, including relaxing, socialising and play.
  • Play opportunities for families and children.
  • Flexible space, for informal use and for events and activities.
  • An attractive space, with colourful planting, turning grey to green and for it to be attractive to passers by/ look out on, as well as spend time in.
  • A garden like space that can offer opportunities for some community food growing and is rich with trees, plants and green features.
  • A safe space.

We responded to your comments by producing a design, which includes the following features:

  • Creating a unique space for residents to enjoy
  • Attractive and colourful planting that is good for people and wildlife
  • Offer something for residents of all ages, including families and children
  • Opportunities for community gardening
  • Better tie in with the surrounding area
  • Seating

Please take a few moments to look at the design and then complete the short questionnaire survey by Wednesday 23rd August.

Click here to give us your feedback. 

We will be running a pop-up event on Tuesday 15th August, at 3:30 – 6:30pm. Look for our stand at the ‘Caged Area’, between Ramsey, Pettie and Wilkie. Please join us to find out more about the designs, ask any questions you may have and give your all-important feedback in person.

For further information or to share your feedback on the telephone or via e-mail contact Ruth at Groundwork:

We will make final changes to the design once we have received feedback. We will then seek additional funding to make the changes you would like to see in this area. We will keep you updated.