What we do:

We use a community participation approach to create stronger more connected communities where individuals can access a range of opportunities to help improve their quality of life.  We co-create and offer a wide range of activities to bring communities together involving gardening, cooking, arts and crafts, nature walks and wellbeing sessions. We know that bringing people together in this way helps to significantly reduces social isolation and improves resilience, confidence and wellbeing of individuals and the whole community.

Who we work with:

We support potentially isolated or marginalised groups, including refugees, migrants and older people. Tailoring our projects and workshops to each community, the barriers they are facing and their interests. Barriers that we help people overcome may include, language skills, digital know-how, local knowledge and sadly, fear and isolation.

Our strengths include:

  • We co-design and co-produce our projects and workshops with communities.
  • We have a skilled, experienced and agile team working across London, many of whom have first hand lived experience of the challenges our participants are facing. Our team has specialist training and experience in; working with refugees, trauma-informed approaches, working with older people, supported volunteering, carbon literacy, education and more.
  • We have a person centred approach – putting people at the heart of everything we do. 
  • We have a holistic approach. Our diverse and holistic services allow us to connect participants to a range of other support services; including employment advise and support, energy advice, volunteering and training opportunities. 

Work with us:

For programme development enquires in London contact Danielle Johnson, Area Programme Manager. danielle.johnson@groundwork.org.uk  / 020 7922 1230