Groundwork London is a social and environmental charity mobilising community action to fight poverty, make London greener and mitigate climate change.

We believe in a fair climate transition, in social justice and in a future where no one is held back by their background and circumstances.

We support around 500 social and environmental projects a year, working closely with local authorities, housing associations and communities across the city.

Help us make London a better place for all. Volunteer with us

We are looking for ambitious and talented individuals with a desire to contribute to society and a sense of service.

Sounds like you?

Our Volunteering opportunities range from giving a hand at our gardening and landscape projects to supporting our upcycling and repurpose retail shops. Browse the volunteering opportunities below or sign-up to our monthly Volunteering Alert to stay updated with the latest opportunities.

Volunteering as a community garden gives me a great sense of purpose and makes me feel like I belong.

Volunteering opportunities with Groundwork London

  • Supporting People in Prisons into Green Careers: 2023-24 Review

    Introduction Groundwork helps bridge the gap between people in prison who are keen to learn new skills and start a career upon release, and the growing market for green skills within the construction industry. Our comprehensive learning and employability programme, Green Start equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed for sustainable careers after their…

  • Together we can protect our green spaces

    Across our fair county, a troubling trend has emerged – the wanton vandalism of public parks and green spaces. These cherished community havens, beacons of tranquillity and natural beauty, for so many, now bear the scars of mindless destruction. In recent months, reports of graffiti-marred benches, smashed playground equipment, and littered pathways have become all…