The Green Aiders programme helps older, disabled, or vulnerable adults in Hertfordshire take control of their overgrown gardens through a one-off gardening service.

Why is the project needed?

Research shows that having an unkempt garden can increase the likelihood of a house being broken into or vandalised. Not only does Green Aiders help protect residents against this, it is also a preventative to unnecessary hospital visits as unkempt gardens can cause trips or falls. It also gives vulnerable residents the chance to reap the health and wellbeing benefits of being outdoors.

What happens in a visit?

During a Green Aiders visit, gardening work is completed by a team of volunteers recruited from the local community, who are given training and are supported by an experienced Groundwork Project Officer. These links to local volunteers provides the vulnerable householder with social support from people in their community.

After the visit

After the visit, Green Aiders clients can begin to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. To help clients maintain their garden and to ensure problems don’t resurface, Groundwork’s project officers give them advice and tips for future support.

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Residents’ stories

“Thank you for the work carried out at my uncle’s house in January. He will be 95 years old in July and is still living alone. Whilst I and other nephews and nieces visit him as often as possible to assist him, your work in helping to keep on top of the gardening is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!”

“My garden now looks very tidy this has made my day.”

“Work undertaken very professionally and with courtesy, Completed to my great satisfaction. Thank you.”

“My increasingly poor health and reducing mobility has affected the quality of my life and sense of independence. The lack of money meant my garden became my “free” enjoyment as I’ve gardened all of my adult life. Once the ability to do that disappeared, except on a very basic level, I felt very ashamed as the garden as it became overgrown. A note was put through my door, the person who put the note through my door added to my sense of losing self-respect. So, not wanting to face yet one more thing I couldn’t keep in good order, I no longer opened my lounge curtains – but now I can! This means so much to me, thank you! P.S. please tell the funding agencies that without this wonderful free service, many others will remain shut off and maybe even sitting indoors on a sunny day, with the curtains closed, just like I have for over a year now.”

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