What is REWORK?

REWORK is our refurbish and reuse project in Wandsworth, where repairable white-goods are fixed up by trainees who are getting back into workplace. It’s one of the busiest and best equipped domestic appliance repair workshops in the country.

Our Trainees

The trainees at the workshop have all been on out of work for some time. We employ them as apprentices in electrical engineering and maintenance, helping them to gain the experience and the skills necessary to embark on a new career.

I’ve been working at REWORK now nearly two months and have had different roles with the workplace, from helping the engineers re-assemble and repair broken appliances to cleaning and preparing appliances for dispatch. From here, I hope to take my new skills onto my next job.

– Joseph, Trainee

Last year our 10 trainees refurbished 4500 electrical items in the workshop, including washing machines, fridges, cookers, microwaves and other household electrical goods. These appliances that would have been scrapped, recycled or sent to landfill, are returned to full working order and given a second life. Once refurbished we pass them onto charity retailers and social enterprises who sell them at affordable prices*.

Looking to buy or donate items?

Please visit the The London Community Resource Network, and Reuse Network where you can find projects in your area that sell refurbished items and take donations.


For more information contact Rework@groundwork.org.uk –  020 8870 7827

REWORK is a Groundwork London initiative delivered in association with the Western Riverside Waste Authority and Cory Riverside Energy, and supported by the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

*Our refurbished goods meet the highest safety standards. The REWORK workshop in Wandsworth is an approved authorised treatment facility (AATF) for waste electrical and electronic equipment.