Silver Linings is a rolling programme first devised by Groundwork London in 2015. Silver Linings Clubs are for older people over 50 to be social whilst lending a hand in Hackney with the aim to reduce those at risk of isolation.

We aim for a Silver Liner to have the following experience:

• The support to socialise and connect
• The support to do meaningful activity
• The support to refresh or learn new skills
• The support to lend a hand and help others
• The support to broaden their outlook and build a network
• The support to feel useful and be recognised

If you would be interested in working with Groundwork London to set up a Silver Linings Club near you, please get in touch with Clare Norwood.

t: 020 8510 5403 m: 07913 604 364

This year we have secured funding from London Legacy Development Corporation and support from London Borough of Hackney to bring the following 2 Silver Linings Clubs to Hackney Wick.

Silver Linings Slow Craft Club

For Hackney residents 50+

The Silver Linings Slow Craft Club will enable Silver Liners who are supported volunteers to improve their wellbeing through taking part in social and mindful crafting. Textile gifts created by Silver Liners will be donated to beneficiaries located within the LLDC planning area. Beneficiary groups will be nominated and voted on by the Silver Liners themselves. The Slow Craft Club allows Silver Liners to socialise and connect, refresh or learn new skills and build a network. The Club has a green ethos and will aim to repurpose unloved textiles in to something beautiful and new, with the aim to reduce landfill.

To find out more please contact Beatrice on the details below:
m: 07889 755112

Silver Linings Chippy’s & Chips Club

Mainly for Men who are Hackney residents 65+

Silver Linings Chippy & Chips Club offers supported volunteering woodcraft workshops, mainly for men who are Hackney Residents aged 65+. They will be invited to share woodcraft skills, enjoy a chip butty and salad lunch together, and donate their creations to local people in need. To ensure Silver Liners play an active role in shaping Chippy & Chips, they will nominate and select the beneficiary groups who receive their donations that they design and make. The Club has a green ethos and will aim to repurpose waste wood in to something beautiful and new with the aim to reduce landfill.

To find out more please contact Emily on the details below:
t: 07912 271961

Previous Silver Linings Projects:

Silver Linings began with four original clubs and was part of Connect Hackney, coordinated by City and Hackney Together, (a wholly owned subsidiary of Hackney CVS), funded by the Big Lottery Ageing Better programme:

2020-21 Tea & Talk Club Calls – Older people over 70 or those shielding in Hackney joined a weekly ‘Tea & Talk Club’ call, hosted by 6 Silver Linings volunteers. The ‘Tea & Talk Club’ Calls ran during lock down periods in response to Covid19. The group calls were an hour-long with carefully-scripted upbeat topics and elements such as: ice breakers, themed reminiscence, quizzes, singalongs, nature news and wellbeing stretches and mindfulness. They also worked with local poet, comedian and musician John Hegley and had monthly zoom Tea & Talk in the Spring of 2021.

2015-2018 Cook n’ Share Club – where Silver Liners shared recipes and took turns cooking a fortnightly feast. They also achieved Level 2 qualifications in Food Safety and volunteered to grow salad and tend the hens in the Groundwork garden. The eggs collected were used for baking cakes that were taken to the local hospice, where they ran reminiscence Tea n’ Talk sessions.

2015 – 2020 Craft for a Cause Club – where Silver Liners have exercised their creative side and hand-crafted and upcycled items in to over 400 beautiful gifts that have been donated to beneficiaries in the borough. These beneficiaries have included isolated older people from Hackney Volunteering & Befriending Service, Those attending North London Action for the Homeless and Homerton Hospital’s Mental Health Department for Mothers and Babies.

2015-17 Get Fit While You Sit Club – a social exercise club consisting of fun but effective chair based exercises, culminating in the Silver Liners designing their very own ‘Get Fit While You Sit kit’ so that others could practice the moves at home.

2015- 2017 Mosaic Makeover Club – working with the local community Silver Liners helped to refresh the entrance signage to the Fellows Court community centre, creating mosaic panels to add a splash of colour.

The Silver Linings project, attracted older people with a wide range of problems and issues, and had the capacity and accessibility to allow each Silver Liner to be given the attention they deserve. They could feel comfortable and relaxed enough to let down their guard and meet others whilst taking part in meaningful activities within a group setting at the individuals own pace.

Silver Liner feedback:

It really did me good being a Silver Liner, you think you have got all the problems of the world, it was so good for me to help host at The ‘Craft for a Cause’ Tea Party and talk to the guests who were so isolated, but who were so interesting. Being in their company, it softened my own problems for me. Silver Liners are helping themselves by being there and helping others, I really get it.

We all feel like we are contributing. It’s wonderful. You work so hard and we all benefit.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU all so much for introducing, my beloved mother to the Silver Linings Service. Just seeing my mother’s smiles throughout this morning’s hour-long session was like a ‘BREATH OF FRESH AIR’…… We have committed to looking forward to next week’s conversations, poem’s and so much more.

Diane [Silver Linings volunteer] was so understanding and managed the session with great sensitivity and understanding. It felt like both mum and I knew all taking part for years and not just minutes….A great and uncomplicated service, bringing joy to those in need.”

  • Results from a participant on the project showed a 20% perceived increase in health.
  • An evaluation on wellbeing found that for every pound of funding that was invested in Silver Linings, Groundwork London created £2.67 of wellbeing.

This project reflects the huge impact supported volunteering can make to older people at risk of or who are already socially isolated.

Silver Lining’s – Craft for a Cause:

Check out this short documentary created by Bessy Mo from the London Screen Academy Sixth Form.