Sam, a participant on a Green Team, boosted his employability and skills whilst improving the outdoor space for residents on a housing estate.

“I felt I was stuck in a dead end job with many responsibilities but no hope of progression or advancement. As soon as I heard about the Green Team course at the job centre I enrolled and since the start I felt a massive sense of achievement.

“Taking part in this course has been very fulfilling and enjoyable; I have learnt various new skills, such as learning how to mix cement, build raised beds, identify many plants, and use power tools. On the academic side, I have learnt about Health and Safety and interview skills.

“I never missed a day of the course, even though it meant cycling eight miles a day. It was physical work, especially in the extreme heat when the ground was rock hard. But, I feel fitter than I ever have.

“I have gained confidence, been inspired, and am hopeful for my future. My goal now is to start an apprenticeship and this will lead to a better future for me.”

We have sponsored a number of Green Team initiatives and fundamentally agree with their practical and inspiring approach, which provide support, training and access to local opportunities.

– Urban&Civic