We specialise in helping the most vulnerable people in society boost their income by saving energy, so that they can live more comfortably and reduce their environmental impact.

Our ‘Green Doctors’ and other trained staff give people practical solutions to their energy problems. In the home and in community settings, we provide advice and guidance, install practical energy efficiency measures and find ways to reduce utility bills.

Our service includes:

  • Practical energy efficiency measures:  such as fitting draught proofing and energy efficient devices, concentrating on the main living spaces used by those we visit
  • Utility switching: helping people find the best energy deal for their personal circumstances.
  • Advice on behaviour: helping people to understand how they can save money by behaving differently, such as using their heating system in the most efficient manner
  • Benefit checks and debt support: helping people to claim benefits they perhaps didn’t know they were entitled to, referring them to debt and benefit support agencies, or the hardship funds operated by many utility companies.
  • Healthier homes: advising on issues relating to damp, condensation and mould, and referring to housing providers where necessary.
  • Signposting to other support: Where we think a household needs specialist help we refer to the right local agency. This might be for grants for additional energy efficiency measures, or support relating to unrelated challenges the household is facing, such as carer’s support.

Green Doctors

Groundwork in Action

See examples of ways we're helping reduce fuel poverty and people to be more energy efficient.