Volunteering Makes Me Happy

Moira is from Wigan and recently completed Groundwork’s personal development programme called Roots To Wellbeing.

She enjoyed the programme so much, that once it had finished, she decided she’d like to continue being involved with Groundwork as a volunteer. Moira now volunteers as part of the team delivering Roots To Wellbeing, carrying out admin work and being involved in co-ordinating activities.

Volunteering with Groundwork has not only given Moira a new sense of purpose in her life, but is also helping those taking part in the programme. They feel that they can relate to Moira because she has previously completed programme herself and has a good insight into the challenges that team members face on a daily basis.

Moira says:

Volunteering has made me so happy. It feels great to be involved with a charity I love. Since I started volunteering, my energy levels have gone through the roof. It’s a joy to be able to help and motivate people and to help them improve their lives. I hope I am an asset to the team and I’m really eager to learn as much as I can from this fantastic opportunity. I’d like to thank everyone at Groundwork for making me feel so welcome.