Warren Services wanted to reduce their energy use in their warehouse, so looked to the BEE Anglia team for support to save £13,860 of cost savings and 80.4 tonnes of carbon.

Warren Services is proud of their record of providing high quality manufacture of components and mechanical / electrical sub-assemblies to agreed schedules offering turnkey solutions in engineering and design.

A suggested measure of increasing environmental awareness amongst staff and improving energy monitoring can lead to significant savings of £5,821 and 32tCO2e a year. This is expected to cost £1,746 implying a payback period of 0.3 years.

Installing LED lighting was another suggestion for Warren Services. It has been estimated that upgrading the 440 fluorescent lamps to LED’s could save 38,451kWh per year (£4,065/ year and 22.1tCO2e).

Since the report Warren Services secured the funding, installed compressors and has been awarded a Silver Level Carbon Charter.

I was very impressed with the service of the BEE Anglia team, especially the advisors that came out to visit us. You are helping us to achieve the goal of reducing energy use and it worked for me.

– William Bridgeman, Chairman