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What we do

Changing places, changing lives - one green step at a time
Big global issues – the economy, the environment – have a big local impact. We work across the UK helping communities find practical solutions to the challenges they face.

We provide training and create jobs, reduce energy and waste, re-connect people with nature and transform whole neighbourhoods. Step by step we’ll go on changing places and changing lives until everywhere is vibrant and green, every community is strong enough to shape its own destiny and everyone can reach their potential.

To achieve this the mix of activities we carry out will vary from place to place to meet the specific needs of that community.  

More often than not this activity will focus on one or more of our three main areas of work.

Our three main areas of work

Promoting greener living and workingImproving peopleCreating better places

See some real examples of this in action by viewing our case studies and major projects:

Groundwork in actionMajor projects

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