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Improving Victoria Park for Finchley

Improving Victoria Park for Finchley

As a result of the funds raised from the sale of The Lodge in Victoria Park, which can only be used for improvements in Victoria Park, Barnet Council, the sole trustee, has appointed Groundwork London to devise a Master Plan for the park. As part of this work, we have been consulting with the local community to get a better understanding of your priorities, and improvements you would most like to see.

During March, we ran two very well-attended consultation stalls in the park, and also created a survey to collect your ideas for improvements to the park. Besides what we heard at the stalls, we had over 400 responses to the survey, with almost 90 percent of those who responded living within 15 minutes walking distance of the park.

It's really impressive how engaged the local community is, and we want to extend a big thank you to those who have shared their priorities and aspirations for the park with us.

How your feedback will be used

We are now working on writing a consultation report for Barnet Council, which will include all comments received.

What we heard during the consultation will help inform the design options we are developing for Barnet Council, which will be subject to a full public consultation. The master plan will be developed by late summer.

There are a number of ways to stay in touch with updates on the consultation:

What is Groundwork London’s role?

We were asked to help with this consultation because, as an environmental and social regeneration charity, we’ve been working with communities across London for over twenty years. We are passionate about the value of London’s green spaces for community wellbeing – we believe parks are for everyone! Our role is to listen, and to ensure that as many voices from the community as possible are represented in the discussion about improving Victoria Park.

To find out more about this consultation, email