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Kids & Eduaction

Groundwork North Wales have a wide range of programmes and services noted for their quality and value to schools, parents and education providers.

  • Produced by qualified teachers and practitioners using modern teaching strategies to include and challenge all learners, inspiring them through a holistic and participatory approach to discovery and engagement. 
  • All programme content is diverse and cross-curricular with an emphasis on Environmental Science, Biology, Geography, Maths and English. 
  • All programmes support the 'Eco School' and ESDGC ethos designed for sustainable progress and development, which allows the whole school to grow and develop both, educationally and as a community. 

Our School Programmes Include: 

HOMES & HABITATS - FOUNDATION - KEY STAGE 2: It's an exciting day of discovery with a woodland safari, minibeast shelter-building, pond dipping, and designing a new creature from clay and natural materials to take back to school and continue learning.

FOREST SCHOOL - FOUNDATION - KEY STAGE 3: Offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through, hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with flora and fauna.

ENVIRONMENTAL ART DAY - FOUNDATION - KEY STAGE 3: Our new Environmental Art Day is a creative project to help students explore and understand different aspects of their school day.

ECO SCHOOL - FOUNDATION - KEY STAGE 4: This programme supports the 'Eco School' ethos designed for sustainable progress and development, which allows the whole school to grow and develop both educationally and as a community.

RIVER SKILLS - FOUNDATION - KEY STAGE 3: River Skills is a pioneering bilingual educational programme which was developed by Groundwork North Wales in 2014, in conjunction with Natural Resources Wales and Dŵr Cymru.

CELTS - FOUNDATION - KEY STAGE 2: A day full of hands on fun & learning whilst helping our resident Celts on their mission to find their lost leader & keep their Celtic village running.

BUSHCRAFT - FOUNDATION, KS2, KS3 AND KS4: An adventurous day giving learners a fresh opportunity to create an exciting environment that embraces self-discipline and self-motivation through learning basic wilderness living skills, such as campfires, shelter building and orienteering.

For more information visit: or call us on 01978 757524

If you're looking for a woodland-based Holiday Club for 8 - 13 years old, take a look at Groundwork Holiday Club HERE.