Congratulations on your successful project.

In this page, you will find all the documents you need to submit a claim to the Aughrim Programme.

  • Procurement and Tendering procedure: This is an extract of your Letter of Offer. It highlights the number of quotes needed per amount of funding.
  • Interim claims: If you are claiming in stages – as work is done, or equipment bought – you must use this form.
  • Final claim and report: If you are claiming the full amount at once. When using this form, you must also report on the project, and provide pictorial or video evidence.
  • Appendix A form: Following the procurement guideline, you must submit a summary of quotes sought. We also require full quotes to be added to this form. The concept of ‘best value’ should be the primary reason for selecting a quote.
  • BACS details form: We will pay the funding via bank transfer.

How many times claims can I submit?

You can submit as many or as few claims as you wish, but we can only pay for works which have been completed.


We pay the last working day of each month.

A claim must be submitted by mid-month with all supporting documentation and no queries outstanding.

If your claim was sent after the cut off, it will be processed the month after, following the criteria above.

Please send all your claims via email if possible to