Groundwork works in partnership across the UK to deliver adult learning and traineeships in community settings, using virtual solutions or a combination of both. We are committed to fostering strong partnership networks, and working closely with employers to ensure our courses are relevant and beneficial to the local labour market. The programme currently offers a range of courses in the North East and South East of England.

Performance and Quality 

Groundwork successfully achieved reasonable progress against the three themes of the Ofsted monitoring visit in June 2019. Key findings included:

  • Leaders and managers have developed effective arrangements to oversee performance
  • Leaders and managers ensure that all staff and subcontractors are aware of their duty to keep learners safe.
  • Learners develop new skills and knowledge that improve their chances to gain employment and to help them deal more confidently with challenges in their personal lives
  • Tutors guide and support learners effectively towards the achievement of their long term career goals and personal aspirations.

In 2019/2020 the following outcomes for 19+ learners were achieved. Retention rates of 96.09% (national average 93.4%) and Achievement rates of 93.75% (national average 89.1%). There was also an increase of 11% year on year for those finding a positive destination (education/employment/voluntary work) after attending learning with Groundwork.

Read the full Ofsted Monitoring Report

Groundwork UK’s values

We will be environmentally aware and focused on communities in need.
We will be collaborative, show integrity and strive for quality in everything we do.

Our commitment

Groundwork works hard to ensure that all our learners and beneficiaries have the best possible experience of our courses and programmes. We want everyone who works with us to make great progress towards their goals, and to leave our courses and programmes feeling better prepared to face the world and its challenges.

The diversity of the communities we serve worth celebrating! We are committed to equal opportunities, and want all learners, beneficiaries, volunteers and staff to feel valued, safe and inspired when working with us.

We monitor the quality of our courses throughout the year, and all learners or beneficiaries are invited to feedback often and honestly to help us ensure that we are continuously improving.

Complaints and compliments

We want to hear from you!

Groundwork exists to support communities and the people within them, and your feedback is invaluable.

We’ll ask you for feedback regularly during and at the end of our courses and programmes, so please do take the time to complete a survey if asked.

All of our local Groundwork Trusts have key contacts for complaints and compliments, or you can contact Groundwork UK directly using the details below.

0121 236 8565

Useful documents

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