BLOG: Get your home in order while the weather is warmer

When the days get longer and warmer the lights don’t go on till later, the radiator stands cool and unused and our cooking is less energy-intensive; with salads and soups on the menu. In this summer haze, it’s easy to forget just how miserable winter can be in the UK, and it takes us by surprise each year just how cold it gets.

Winter challenges our mental and physical health, and for some, it’s a time when a choice needs to be made between eating and heating the home. Green Doctors help residents all over the country to reduce their energy consumption during these periods, keeping us well and warm while benefiting the planet.

Green Doctors can help

Green Doctors are here to help all year round, but the summer months are a great time to access support as the service is less busy. It might not feel high on the priority list right now, but getting ready for the winter ahead helps residents who might be dreading that first energy bill after the heating has gone on. Likewise, if you’re in energy debt from the winter just been, Green Doctors might even be able to help you reduce what you owe, leaving you with more cash to enjoy the summer months like they did for Grace.

Grace’s story

As Grace was furloughed and homeschooling her son during Covid-19 restrictions, she was spending more time at home which left her facing bigger bills while struggling on a reduced income. The Green Doctor got her a £140 energy voucher and showed her how to reduce her energy use. They also got her water bill capped, reducing her debt by £459.31. The remaining debt is now set up on a small direct debit. If Grace keeps up her fortnightly payments, her provider will deduct a further £2,210 from her debt.

Groundwork is a fantastic organisation, they are really there to help. The Green Doctor has helped me get through this latest cold spell and during lockdown which has been a huge relief during this difficult time and I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted.

Grace, Manchester.

Green Doctor consultations include but are not limited to:

  • Offering useful tips for saving energy and water whilst ensuring your home stays safe and comfortable
  • Installing small energy and water efficiency measures, such as draft excluders
  • Supporting you to switch energy providers to save money
  • Supporting you to access other support, such as emergency heating, government subsidies or grants, advice on energy or water debt
  • Identifying causes of heat loss in the home
  • Helping identify and tackle damp or mould problems.

Get a free consultation today and make the changing of the seasons less stressful so you can enjoy the festive joys that winter brings.

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