Jessi was dealing with issues around her PTSD, anxiety, ADHD and depression and she spent most of her time reflecting on the past two years of her life, looking at how quickly everything had gone downhill, which was having more of a negative effect on her mental health as she didn’t know what was next. Jessi wanted to turn her life around for herself but also so that she could be a positive role model for her daughter.

Before signing up to the Prince’s Trust TEAM Programme, Jessi was completing online courses but she had no hopes or ideas of getting anywhere in the future because she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her qualifications.

The journey so far

Jessi found out about the Programme through the Restart Scheme and as soon as she heard about the 2 week work experience, she knew she needed to sign up,

“I signed up for the work experience but I didn’t think I would meet some amazing people and create amazing friendships with the people on my team.”

Jessi found all of the Programme beneficial, but she enjoyed the community project, activity week and work experience the most.

Being able to be part of a team that constantly encouraged each other even when we were facing our fears, I did things I never expected from abseiling off 60ft walls and organising a fundraiser with the rest of the team in full support and then working with a landscaping company something I never thought I would see myself doing.”

Jessi worked really hard during her work experience and was offered the opportunity to return to the company and work with them on a voluntary basis, which also meant having first access to any upcoming jobs.

“I want to thank Lauren and Ellie so much for everything they have done for me and the team for the past few weeks. We’ve had some stressful days, but you still managed to push me to be better and for me to look into a brighter future.”

Next Steps

After completing the Programme, Jessi secured part time employment with B&Q and is planning on completing a course to provide her with a CSCS card, so that she can start working on site in construction. She’s currently also participating in an evening mechanics college course with Tameside College.

“I could not have done any of this without the help and support of everyone in the past 12 weeks.”

Jessi feels like she has made life long connections with the friends and people she has met throughout the 12 weeks and that the TEAM Programme has really supported her development, given her different coping strategies to deal with different aspects of life and opportunities she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Joan Greene, who has been like a mother to Jessi for as long as she can remember, commented on Jessi’s transformation.

“The difference that I have seen at home has been incredible, she is more confident within herself and about her future.” – Joan Greene, Jessi’s foster mum

“Jessi really engaged with every aspect of the Programme, working really hard for herself and her future and it’s been amazing to see the difference from a quiet, shy girl in week one, to someone who is a lot more confident, outgoing and prepared to take on what life throws at her. A pleasure to work with and witness.” – Lauren Thompson, Team Leader.