Senzeni had recently come out of hospital after having a pacemaker fitted. Despite being unwell and having trouble breathing, she was unable to heat her home or even make substantial meals.

This was because she was giving all her money away to an energy company, giving her no disposable income after the bills had come out.

“The bills kept piling up. I kept paying and paying, thinking that I owed them some money”

Luckily, she decided to reach out to our Green Doctors, who sent Shammy over to see what could be done to bring costs down. After going through her bills, Shammy discovered that Senzeni was actually in over £2000’s worth of credit!

“She was freezing and it was horrible to see. I had a look through her bills and she was in two and a half thousand pounds worth of credit, and no one had told her”

After helping her through the process of contacting the company, Senzeni is now being given back £1,200 of the money. She is keeping the rest in the account to use over the winter, and can now afford to heat her home regularly and spend money on things she needs, such as food.

To help her keep the heat in, Shammy also installed radiator foils and door brushes. She also provided Senzeni with an electric blanket and a hot water bottle.

“These days I’m putting on the heat. She gave me an electric blanket and I’m even more warm. I’m so lucky that Shammy came to the rescue”

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