Everyone deserves to have a community space to visit, whether it’s for socialising and meeting like-minded people, or simply having somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As part of our work for In Our Nature, who are on a mission to make Manchester a greener, more connected city, we wanted to give community groups the guidance and resources to make their spaces easier to access for the local community.

One group we’ve been supporting is Crumpsall and Cheetham Model Allotments. Their goal was to make their allotment more accessible for people of all ages and abilities, and devised a plan to create a plot with a clear, sturdy path running through. Our land team got to work laying the foundations, and had the path completed for the group within a week.

We spoke to Ben, the Admin Secretary for the allotment committee, about what they plan to do with the new space:

“It makes it easier for certain plot holders, to be able to access more easily so they don’t have to give up their plots. They can come and use a more accessible area to be able to be with other people and have a good time”

Ben also talked about how younger groups could make good use of the space:

“It’ll help us bring other groups in, like Cubs, Scouts, Beavers. Show them how to basically be part of something this great, and how they don’t have to be secluded at home and stuck on PlayStations, etc.”

Ben and the committee know how important climate action is, and have been taking steps to improve biodiversity in the area, as well as promoting upcycling of allotment waste.

“We’ve installed bird boxes, and one plot wants to put a pond in as well. We’re going from strength to strength with upcycling, instead of throwing things in skips we see what can be used by other plot holders”

We’re excited to see Crumpsall and Cheetham Model Allotments grow their space and host even more fantastic local groups!

If you need help with improving your own community space, you can apply for our Enhance Your Neighbourhood Fund: