We’re proud to have been working with Southway Housing Trust for over 15 years on a range of partnership projects.

Together, we help make neighbourhoods safer, attractive and more resilient to the effects of climate change and support residents improve their prospects, their well-being and lift them out of fuel poverty.

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Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we’ve done together:

Connecting people with nature

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Southway Housing Trust, an age friendly walking route was created across Burnage. Our team hosted a number of environmental activities and events that engaged and educated residents with the new artwork and their local green space.

Designing Sustainable Urban Drainage solutions

Our landscape architects worked with Southway’s Housing on estate-wide environmental improvements utilising innovative Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) principles. Systems of permeable concrete block paving and permeable bitmac were used in the driveway design and, where appropriate, the designs allowed surface water to run into planting beds / rain gardens.

Designing the Low Carbon Living Hub garden

Our team of Landscaper’s supported trainee Urban Rangers to assist in the landscaping of the with Southway Homes ‘model home’ that was being renovating on Brookstone Close. The garden design included nature based solutions which helped mitigate against climate change, including green roofs,

Creating wildflower meadows

As part of the Government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund we worked with the Southway’s team to plant wildflower meadows in Mottram Avenue, Wintermans Road and Bullfinch Walk.

Providing support to tackle fuel poverty

Our Energyworks team provide support to Southway Homes at their community events and ‘Cozy Mondays’ where residents attend who may be struggling to heat their homes, our team provide measures to reduce their energy use and provide other hints and tips for tenants to save energy.

Grounds maintenance

Our landscaping team been supporting WCHG vulnerable tenants to maintain their gardens, as well as enhancing community greenspaces, since 2022.

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