14-year-old Zainab initially got involved with Groundwork through the youth club at Crumpsall Park in Manchester. Zainab and her friend regularly visited the youth club as it was something to do that was safe and fun.

Following an educational and fun-packed trip to the Lake District John, one of Groundwork’s youth workers, asked if Zainab would like to take part in the Groundwork UK Co-op Green Leaders training explaining that she would have the opportunity to learn more about the area where she lived and how she could help improve it. Zainab commented;

“You see lots of stuff on the news and climate change is one of them and it’s like, we did it all. I think we are taking the planet for granted. So I decided to do the online Green Leaders training.”

After completing the Climate Leaders training with Groundwork Zainab explains that she was encouraged and inspired to make change in her community, so much so that she has volunteered to lead the Crumpsall Climate Leaders group.

Throughout the Green Leaders programme she was particularly interested in understanding how climate change will impact Manchester in the future and how the city could adapt or mitigate to extreme weather and the effects of climate change.

So far this year, Zainab and the Crumpsall Climate Leaders have arranged a meeting to look at the Climate Plans for the Crumpsall Ward and they plan to meet again soon to look at the proposed plans for Crumpsall Park and share their thoughts and ideas on how it might change in the future.

Zainab commented,

“Everything I had done so far has helped me with my confidence. I’m better at understanding other people’s views, am able to lead projects, have confidence to speak up and present my ideas and have improved interpersonal skills.”

*Stock image used upon the request of Zainab