Kristof’s Groundwork Journey

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Discover the impact of our Community Hub in Cumbria and how it is transforming lives.

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Young people take action to improve the East Durham Coastal Environment

Ambitious plans to improve the environment in and around the Seaham Beach Area in East Durham will be spearheaded by young people, thanks to a new scheme which has brought funding into the area.

Harwood Forest Peat Restoration Project Completed

Acres of forest land in Northumberland has been restored to peat bog in a bid to tackle climate change.

Furness For You Project funded over £960,000 to fight loneliness in Barrow

The Partnership has been allocated the budget to offer a varied programme including one-to-one support, group events, creative activities, as well as volunteering opportunities.

10,000 Oysters Released to reef to help clean Ocean on Wild Oyster Project

More than 750 tonnes of old stones and scallop shell have been lowered onto the seabed in recent weeks. It is part of plans from the Wild Oysters Project to tackle declining numbers across the UK.

Northumberland park receives cash boost from Co-Op

Pegswood Community Park managed by Groundwork NE & Cumbia has been given a cash boost. Click on the below link to find out more.

Green Social Prescribing across North Cumbria

Groundwork will ensure the programme will increase knowledge and awareness of nature-based activities, highlighting some of the new and existing projects, as well as ensuring that those who prescribe into the programme are fully informed of what is on offer.

Groundwork North East and Cumbria launches new environmental investor portfolio

The environment and regeneration organisation has launched the portfolio amid moves to make a difference in the climate change battle while also helping businesses boost their green credentials.

£600,000 to restore a variety of habitats across Wansbeck

It will focus on 144 hectares (355 acres) of farmland around the River Wansbeck catchment in Northumberland.