The Covid pandemic has left many people isolated and unhealthy, and lockdowns have hit coastal towns like Hastings hard. After the restrictions are lifted, we want to help people connect with each other again and boost their wellbeing by taking part in events in two country parks in Hastings and Bexhill. 

Although lots of people have come to love Hastings Country Park and Combe Valley Countryside Park during the pandemic, we know that lots of people in the area still don’t know what amazing places they have on their doorstep. And everyone’s mental health has suffered over the past year and we need to get our community life back up and running. 

What we want to do is run a season of free events in the parks, aiming at communities that have struggled most during the pandemic. These will focus on health and wellbeing, including open air fitness sessions, walks and talks, conservation days, foraging explorations and grow-your-own training. £2000 will enable us to run at least 15 events and establish food growing sites within the two parks. 

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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

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