Arlesey Youth Centre offers a place for young people from the town to come together once a week to spend time with friends and peers, doing a variety of activities or relaxing away from home. Arlesey is a very popular centre, and some of the young people tell us why.

“All of our friends attend the centre which makes it really enjoyable. It’s a safe space, and a fun space to meet friends outside of school.”

“It is a way to socialise outside school and home, where we do different activities and I feel I am learning new life skills.”

“The Youth Workers are really supportive and nice, everyone is really supportive actually – all of the youth workers and young people”

“I find it is a place I can speak about my problems and get support and I am listened to.”

“A lot of young people that attend Arlesey Youth Centre identify as a LGBTQ+ and that makes us feel more comfortable about our sexuality.”

“I feel like I can be myself at youth club because I feel safe and supported by everyone as it is a different environment, whereas I feel like I can’t be myself at home because my parents don’t know about my sexuality.”

“The youth workers are also really understanding which makes us feel more comfortable.”

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