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Looking for the opportunity to empower your staff to change places and lives across the UK? Make Groundwork your Charity Partner of the Year!

Our holistic approach means you can support multiple social and environmental missions, or choose to focus on issues of specific interest to your team. We can help you meet your goals, whether you want to support people into employment, tackle the nature and climate emergency, unlock potential in young people, tackle loneliness and improve wellbeing, rebuild community spirit, or all of the above.

Our expert teams streamline the process for you, with a packed calendar of fun and inspiring activities that you can tailor to support your needs.

Benefits of a charity of the year partnership with Groundwork:
  • Boost staff morale
  • Combine fundraising and volunteering
  • Make a difference in the communities where your staff and customers live and work
  • National reach and local expertise
  • Target projects local to your offices that matter to your staff
  • Cross-cutting impacts that achieve more than the sum of their parts
  • Four decades of partnership experience

Take a look at the amazing work we have done with Veolia planting trees in school grounds and creating a network of orchards across the country!

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