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Many local residents care about the River Irk, it’s environment, heritage and neighbouring communities. ‘Friends of’ groups, community hubs and action groups are all scattered along the river corridor, each of which are doing fantastic work to preserve and restore the river.

What we’re doing

Through Groundwork’s Love The River Irk project we are bringing these fantastic groups together, in order to share their learning and increase their capacity.

The project aims to harness the increased interest in the river environment generating during the Covid-19 pandemic and encourage more people to connect and volunteer in the natural environment.

We have created an online network of ‘friends of’ groups, community hubs and residents on Facebook, all of which share a passionate for the River Irk.

The Love Your River Irk Facebook group brings together a river based community who can share their activities, concerns and opportunities with other like minded people.

We’re engaging the community in a shared plan of action for the River Irk corridor and supporting residents to deliver improvements that are important to them.

This project works closely with Natural Course’s Bringing the River Irk to Life (BRIL), an ambitious project that aims to transform the Irk into a vibrant river corridor, bringing nature and people together in harmony.

Find out more

To find out more about the project, contact our Community Projects Lead, Lydia Marshall

Funders & Partners

This project was made possible thanks to funding from The Greggs Foundation.

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Delivered in partnership with Natural Course, Oldham Council, Rochdale Council, Manchester City Council, Mersey Rivers Trust and The Wildlife Trusts.