Duration: April 2024


We’re working in Edgeley, Stockport and Higher Folds, Leigh supporting the international programme, Resilience 4 Communities. The programme helps local governments understand more about what communities know, think and believe about risks and helps mobilize funding to implement co-created solutions that help neighbourhoods become more resilient.

What we’re doing

Groundwork has been appointed to undertake community engagement within the programme areas, helping to inform the future of the programme by listening to residents views and capturing insights in a survey to help build reslience profiles for each area.

Why we’re doing it

In 2015, flooding effected 63 community neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester, including Higher Folds. In Stockport, roads began to melt in the summer of 2022, as temperatures soared to nearly 40 degrees. As extreme weather events become more frequent, Groundwork will work with partners to help minimise the effects and support communities to take action.

Thanks from our funders

This project has been made possible thanks to Resilient Cities Network, GMCA, Stockport Council and Wigan Council