Lily’s early memories of school life weren’t pleasant, she feared answering questions in subjects that required her to speak up, thinking that if she answered incorrectly or did anything wrong that would she would upset somebody.

However, after gaining support from Groundwork’s Achievement Coach, Claire, Lily was able to gain control of her anxiety and manage her panic disorders.

Taking just half an hour out of lessons to talk to Claire each week, Lily developed her confidence through a series of exercises. Claire gave Lily advise and tips on how to control her panic disorder, how to be more aware of her surroundings and other grounding techniques.

Following this support, when Lily felt a panic attack coming on, she would calm herself down and write it down, then later in the day look at it and feel really achieved that she had overcome it.

A big part of Lily’s development was due to the informal nature of the Achievement Coaching. Lily added:

“I think that because I have learnt so much, by Claire being my mentor, it was a lot easier to talk to her. I didn’t feel like she was going around telling other teachers what we discussed.”

Lily developed her confidence so much that she went on to complete a volunteering course and become a peer mentor for the new year 7’s.