I love sport, cooking and gardening and Groundwork GM run our youth club where we have done cooking projects.  There is a small community garden next to the youth club.  I like to be involved and occupied and I don’t have a garden at home.  So, when John came to the youth club to talk about a possible gardening project at the weekend, it gave me the chance to do something I knew I liked but couldn’t really have a go at.  So the opportunity to do some gardening got me interested in being a Green Influencer.

I worked with John and Guy the youth workers to help build an insect house.  This got me out into the park, as we used branches, twigs and leaves to build the bug house.  It’s important to create new habitats for animals, even bugs.  We had to do a lot of digging and weeding and I also helped make a pond out of a wheelbarrow.  We had talked to people about what they wanted in the park. One young person and said a lake and we realised there was no water in Crumpsall park.  My pond is a addition to the parks eco-system.

Groundwork offered the opportunity for young people to create a climate leaders group the our area and mostly to look at our local park and better ways to use the community garden. I had many thoughts that made it an interesting topic, such as reducing carbon emissions and how to live more sustainably. So I could learn more how to help my community with climate change

Being involved in a climate change group has helped me stay sustainable, I’m learning new things and new language.  I like talking about it me a chance to say what I think about it.  I can talk about it to my family and friends, so it is a new area of conversation.  It gives me a focus and gives me ways to help out my community & friends

I did Groundwork’s Climate Leaders Training and know climate change is really harming our planet and eventually our economy.  I learned about the impact climate change has on our day-to-day life. I also learned some of the possible ways Manchester could adapt to climate change.

I currently working with Groundwork GM Green Leaders to explore the possibility of a camping trip, in the summer holidays for people my age, I really enjoy being outside in nature.  I’ve learned a lot of new communication and other skills by seeing an opportunity and getting involved, I mean really involved.

These skills can help me develop and express my ideas and views in different ways. These skills can also help me to understand other views and thoughts in different ways. In the future these skills will also be useful to me in general life