Chris, aged 80 from Rochdale

“Energyworks came to our coffee morning and gave a talk, telling us what services they offered and I decided to book in a home visit to see what it was all about.

Before I met Energyworks I wasn’t aware I would be entitled to any benefits but it turns out I was entitled to attendance allowance, which I have since received and helps out a lot financially, they also applied for the warm homes discount with my energy company and switched my tariff which saved me even more money.

They fitted me some draught excluders which have made a big difference, and I no longer feel any draughts.

They also gave me some great advice on bringing my energy usage down which I have put into practice and now when I make a brew I only put enough water in the kettle for what I need.

Everything they did for me was free, even the draught proofing.

They are helpful, cheerful, willing & prompt delivery. I think the service is very useful, especially for older people, I tell everyone I speak to about it. I have already and will continue to advocate for Energyworks.”

Chris' story - Green Doctor