Brinnington Big Local were awarded £1 million pounds to invest in their community over 10 years, and Mark’s role was created as part of their aspirations.

Mark has been part of the Brinnington Big Local hub for several years, with his main role being Marketing and Projects Officer. Prior to joining the hub, he also took part in other volunteering opportunities in the area:

“I started out with the Friends of the Park, I got into Your Brinnington, which was the community newsletter. I was also helping the council with posters for their neighbourhood management team”

When Mark started making posters for the hub, Groundwork Communities Manager Nina Burns saw potential in his abilities, and eventually guided him towards securing a permanent position with the group.

As part of Mark’s job, he uses Brinnington Big Local’s Twitter and Facebook pages to advertise all the different activities going on in and around the hub. These include small events like craft clubs, and large scale events with special guests, ice cream vans, games and more.

Brinnington Big Local also operates as a warm hub, allowing local people to access support, guidance or even just come in for a hot drink and a chat. Mark facilitates this and meets many people during his days at the hub:

“There’s a gentleman that comes in almost every day and all he wants is a hot brew and just that tiny little bit of human engagement, just enough to remind himself that he’s still a person”

Mark expressed that one of the best things about Brinnington Big Local is it’s people, who come from all walks of life and are passionate about making a difference.

“When we opened the hub, our intention was that we were gonna make it a heart of the community. The most important thing about Brinnington Big Local is it’s people, it’s local residents volunteering to stand in the front line and say this is what I want for my community, this is what we deserve”

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