Thanks to funding received from the Veolia Environmental Trust and Entrust over the past 3 years we have been working with partners, including the Wildlife Trust, to carry out a number of habitat improvements at Roch Valley, a nature site of biological importance in Heywood in Rochdale.

Works completed include:

  • The creation of a timber viewing platform – meaning that visitors can now safely stand and observe the wildlife around the River Roch.
  • Installation of stock proof fencing around the site – this will allow grazing animals to come onto the site in future to graze the meadows in a sustainable way.
  • Bank stabilisation – a series of coir rolls have been inserted along the back in a ‘terrace’ formation to stabilise the banking following a landslip.
  • Treatment of invasive species – Japanese Knotweed that was present on the river back was professionally treated to allow for native species to thrive.

These works have led to some significant biodiversity improvements, including:

  • A larger spread of Meadow Saxifrage, a native wildflower
  • Signs of Early Purple Orchids and other wildflower species appearing in the sward for the first time in known history
  • Hedgerow regeneration and growth
  • Sighting of otter in the Roch Valley area

Made possible thanks to support from:

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