Over the last few years, energy bills have increased massively. As a result, more people in the UK are struggling to stay above the poverty line. Our team want to help you to save money through increasing the efficiency of your buildings and providing energy advice and support!

If you live in Sharston in Wythenshawe, Gorton & Abbey HeyCrumpsall or Harpurhey, we want to know:

How is the energy crisis affecting you?
What are your homes and community buildings like – are they energy efficient?
Are you a home owner or renter? Do you feel like you have the ability to make changes to your home?

By providing feedback on these areas, you can help us to:

  • Offer free home consultations to find ways to reduce energy usage
  • Find ways to reduce energy consumption and save money
  • Support community groups to access renewable energy

And more!

Get guidance, support and resources for your project through the Enhance Your Neighbourhood Fund!