Groundwork have taken legal responsibility for 11.89 hectares of private land near Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale and will be working over the next 10-years to establish a diverse and rich woodland which will:

  • Increase biodiversity and habitat diversity
  • Improve water quality and reduce runoff to neighbouring watercourses by improving soil quality
  • Improve air quality and sequester carbon, and providing a cooling effect through planting
  • Enhance the landscape visually for residents & people using the adjacent public access routes

Our landscaping team will be planting 8,800 native trees this year including; Oak, Birch, Aspen, Holly, Rowan, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Juniper, Guelder Rose and Horse Chestnut.

Following the initial planting, we’ll be re-visiting the site to ensure its established and then developing a woodland management plan, which our team will deliver, until 2034.

This approach will make it easier for the landowner to improve their land for environmental purposes, whilst securing a steady income.

Groundwork are keen to discuss similar projects with landowners across Greater Manchester, please contact for more details.